Moneyz currently going towards: new iPad!!!


Fully rendered for free
Basic or abstract background
Pose can be customized
+5 for extra character(s)


Lineart, colored, simple shading free
+10 Anything fully rendered
+5 for extra character(s)
Side meme optional
Send references for “vibe” if needed



Fully colored for free
Simple headshot only
Single subject only
Artwork is only a static sculpture and is not suitable for posing and animation
File can be sent via email if requested


For more examples check out @kermzoid on instagram or DeviantArt
Read TOS for extra information
Dm if any questions

Will and won’t draw

  • Fanart

  • OCs

  • Horror

  • Blood + Minor injuries

  • Furries

  • Canon x Canon

  • OC x Canon

  • NSFW

  • Proship

  • Propaganda

  • Hate speech

  • Heavy gore

  • Anything that I’m not comfortable with

Please ask about

  • Characters with complex designs or props

  • Mecha

  • Realistic animals

  • Real people (non-celebrities or permission from friends)

  • Specific ships

Price may increase depending on the complexity of the commission

Terms Of Service


  • I am only excepting payment through Cashapp. Must be paid in full and upfront. Tips are welcome.

  • I may charge extra for any complicated characters. That will only be determined after I look over references.

  • I have every right to refuse a commission that I do not feel comfortable working on.

  • Please allow at most 3-4 weeks to finish each commission.

  • Final result can be sent through email or Discord.

  • My work may not be edited after the commission is finished. Any requested changes must be made BEFORE coloring.

Use of Artwork

  • Your commission may be used as an example in future commission examples. Let me know if you don’t want it to be used.

  • Your commission can be used and reposted as long as I am being credited.

  • You may not trace, copy or heavily reference my art style and claim it as your own. Inspiration is encouraged, not plagiarism.

  • Commissions must not be repurposed for commercial use without my consent.

  • If purchased with the intent of being put onto merchandise, albums, etc. then an extra fee is required.

  • My artwork will NOT be used as an NFT or used with AI in anyway